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Mission Statement
College View's mission is to provide a positive therapeutic learning environment that embraces differences while maximizing student potential and preparing them for success in a diverse world.
Program Goals and Purpose
The purpose of College View is to help elementary, middle, and high school students  achieve the following goals:                                                           
   1. To develop appropriate behaviors and positive                       alternative strategies for interacting with others.
   2. To learn to verbalize feelings appropriately.
   3. To learn to deal with conflicts constructively.
   4. To develop appropriate social skills.
   5. To assist in developing skills and a support system               necessary to address emotional problems.
   6. To facilitate positive communication among school             personnel, the student, and family members.
   7. To assist in developing appropriate skills necessary to         succeed in academic endeavors and to promote a                successful transition from school to college/career.

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Family Night: March 27th & April 10th

If you are interested and would like more information for the Family Night events, please contact Kayla Arnel at: